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AVG antivirus : the best software for Internet Security Issues

Antivirus software is an integral part of our endpoint devices. It is an essential program these days which walks hand in hand with the end point devices. People are very circumspect when it comes to the protection of their devices from the malware/virus. Many antivirus software programs have cobwebbed the entire world and most of them claim to protect your device from all sorts of issues but there are few who can claim to be better than AVG antivirus in this regard. AVG proudly claim themselves to be a top notch security pioneer, it offers an extensive protection, performance and privacy solutions to their clients and business. Devices, data and people are indirectly connected via internet and everyone has a right to proper privacy and security.

AVG antivirus has been rated as one of the best software in the industry and has also earned a spot in the best antivirus list of all time. The free version is absolutely amazing and the paid version is worth every single penny. The free version of AVG is powerful enough to shield your device from the malware and in addition to this it provides ransomware protection as well. Dial AVG customer care phone number to contact tech support team in time of troubles.

Pros and cons

Pros –

– Powerful and easy interface – The interface is pretty easy to use both for the professionals and the beginners.
– Convenient to use without any complex feature – There are no complex features that might confuse you or might be difficult to use.
– Unlimited device connect – Users are given leverage to connect to unlimited devices.

Cons –

– Not so great support system – The support system is not the best going around.
– Slows the device – It slows the devices down just a tad bit.

Pricing –

There are different versions of AVG with different prices and they are as follows :-

  • Antivirus free – You can tell just by the name that this is a free version. The features provided are Basic antivirus, Ransomware protection, Browser monitoring, PC performance tuneup, Windows only
  • Internet security – This version costs £10/month. The features provided are Encrypted folders, Webcam protection, Enhanced firewall, Windows & Android, Unlimited devices
  •  Ultimate – This particular version or the package is the costliest and will cost you somewhere around £30/month. It comes with loads of features such as Live chat & phone support, Advanced antivirus & PC tune-up package, Windows, macOS & Android, Unlimited devices

Their aim is to provide people with worry less life when they are online. They believe that everyone has a right to privacy and security. They want to make sure that users are not haunted by the online hackers and their invaluable time is not wasted dealing with such people. AVG antirust is arguably one of the best. It has its share of drawbacks but they have done enough to drag the users away from those shortcomings. The commendable user experience and unlimited device connection are the best features of AVG antivirus which sets it apart from the rest of competition. It is one of the best if not the best. Their aim is to keep the entire world safe and protected from the harmful contents. 

It has observed that there are certain features in which users of AVG lags behind as its top-rivals deliver high-advanced features, thus, it is convenient for new beginners and regular Internet users. Check out the advantages of this antivirus:

  1. This antivirus is compatible as well as offer complete free versions for Windows, Mac and Android.
  2. It is speedy and not heavy.
  3. This antivirus is easy to operate as beginners can easily operate this software.
  4. It provides additional tools like a file shredder, a web security plug-in, and a VPN solution.
  5. It has high security feature as a tool for malware protection.

Now, go through the disadvantages of this antivirus and areas that need improvement:

  1. It provides normal anti-phishing performance
  2. Features like firewall, password protector or VPN are not available on free versions.
  3. It is a little costly as compared to other anti viruses in the market.

Now, go through the points that could be highlights of this antivirus and is the reason why prefer this software over others:

  1. Protection from spyware, Ransomware as well as viruses.
  2. Benefit of scanning computer’s drive to fix all types of problems.
  3. Can easily detect and neutralizes phishing sites.
  4. You can easily detect and prevent zero-day threats.
  5. Can easily block links and files that are suspicious.
  6. Providing scanning of emails that include attachments.
  7. You are provided with free Mac and Android packages.
  8. Tools like a file Shredder are provided.

What makes AVG, the best antivirus?

  1. This antivirus is easy to access and one of the best sources for people who are using antivirus for the first time.
  2. Free AVG Antivirus helps in protecting your machine against Ransomware as this service is given for paid plans only in other competitors products .
  3. It is an antivirus for users who are little picky since each product is complete amalgamation of features and services that can easily satisfy users.

On the factors like stability, malware protection as well as performance, it has gained, 6, 6 and 5.5 score by AV-Test institute. Also, it manages to stop around 98.3% of zero-day attacks.  According to the Real-World Protection Test, this antivirus is able to block almost 100% of malicious programs. In the total, it gets 3 out of 3 stars by AV-comparatives which are next to impossible.

AVG provides user-friendly interface and making it accessible to navigate through providing the features of further customization to users. You can easily change the settings or check options by clicking the Menu button given in the upper right corner. Also, if you want to create an AVG account, you can use your login details to get it synchronize with numerous devices. For availing more information about AVG Antivirus, you can always call on AVG Antivirus customer care phone number which is functional all the time. The team is there to listen to all your queries and provides all the necessary solutions.

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